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Sep. 11th, '09, 10:35 am
I have been waiting for a new NFS game that matched the gameplay value of Most Wanted for a long time and this title looks to be that title. Have any of you played the demo or read any of the reviews?

I saw the commercial last night during the football game and thought it was a new Gran Turismo. The graphics look phenomenal!

Sep. 13th, '09, 8:33 pm
I have to admit that when I saw the commercial it did nothing for me but I agree it looks pretty. But the commercial made it appear way too extreme ("Finally an egg for my generation") and I don't like those types of racers.

However, I just did a little reading and if Forza Motorsport 3 wasn't coming so soon after, I would probably be interested.

I'm usually not into "gimmicks" but the "dashboard view" actually bobbles and blurs as you bounce around the track. If it is done correctly, that could be fairly immersive.

My complaint is the commercial alone. In OXM they say, "...color us surprised to find a sim racer that achieves...." The commercial did NOTHING to tell me that it was more of a sim racer than a "drive as fast as you can into warp speed" racer.

Anyway, definitely something people should be looking at. Like I said, too close to FM3 for me ;) This game does have the "Forza driving line" though, so... :thumbups:

Sep. 13th, '09, 9:26 pm
I Absolutely loved most wanted.. and the sequel wasnt bad but I could never drift that good..

I too am looking forward to Forza but this might be the game in between..

Sep. 16th, '09, 8:33 am
I've heard good things, will be getting this soon!

Sep. 21st, '09, 11:22 am
I was checking this out as well and saw that IGN gave it a 9.0. I might pick this up, the commercial did peak my interest in this title.

Sep. 21st, '09, 12:35 pm
yeah i think it looked good, i hope to open it up soon!!

Sep. 21st, '09, 12:42 pm
I've been playing it the last few days so I can give an honest review, I think it's better...but some of that is because Undercover was so bad. The car customization is decent, the career mode is a bit shallow. I think I'm more in favour of the street racing NFS then the recent evolution into track racing. I loved Carbon, the free roam was a good time killer when I wanted to just cruise. Now you are restricted to races and stuff in the menu.

Furthermore, the career mode is far too easy. Not necessarily easy in the gameplay or anything but getting the cars and stuff. Your goal in career mode is to get to the NFS World Tour thing, and to do that you have to battle through races and stuff divided into 4 tiers. I'm just finishing up the 1st tier and my 350Z has 605 HP and is worth 193,000. Maybe my perception is wrong, correct me if so...I'd give it a 7/10. Better than last year, but not that amazing.

Sep. 21st, '09, 4:38 pm
GameInformer said they dropped themore pick up and play arcade and went more for a Forza based sim style racing, is that true? While I've never been a huge fan of the series, that was one thing that seperated it form the rest was that it was a decent time killer to drive around. Have to say the commericals make the graphics look stunning, so may have to give it a rent sometime soon to check out the in car camera that GI seemed to love so much.

Sep. 24th, '09, 8:13 pm
Yes Jeff, they have gone for a more simulation style of racing unfortunately. I liked the old need for speed series where you can just drive around, like I said I loved Carbon, just to drive around sometimes to kill time lol. But now its all track racing.

Sep. 24th, '09, 8:39 pm
I think my favorite racing game of all time was NFS High Stakes. That game I played forever on my PS1. I hated when they got into the "free roam" street racing crap. I plan to check this game out.

Sep. 24th, '09, 8:59 pm
I think my favorite racing game of all time was NFS High Stakes. That game I played forever on my PS1. I hated when they got into the "free roam" street racing crap. I plan to check this game out.

BOO!! Go play Forza or somethingg!! :p:p