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Phoenix 2.0
Apr. 3rd, '09, 10:49 pm
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this looks insane.

Apr. 3rd, '09, 11:24 pm
I can't see this taking off. The bandwidth needed would be extremely high and guaranteed for high definition gaming and ISP's would not, at least not at this point in time, allow this much data to be downloaded. Plus, if the company goes under, you lose all the games you purchased.

I have read that these guys have developed some crazy compression scheme but I would have to see it to believe it. I'm not ready to give up my console yet, but it is interesting to see where things could be going.

Apr. 4th, '09, 1:02 am
looks cool, i wonder how much it will cost and the other thing that would be important to me is the resolution, i would have no interest in playing these games on SD. Good find Rob!!

Apr. 4th, '09, 1:43 am
I have to agree with Kidd, I really don't see this taking off. It'll pretty much be for only people who have super high end business style internet connections. Mine is on the low end, so I'd have to run SD. No way would I even both running SD. It kinda defeats the purpose to have a HD tv and home theater.