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Jul. 4th, '13, 8:19 am
My wife and I are looking at buying an iPAD in the next few days. What draws me to it besides the obvious is the uses for my son in the upcoming years with educational games, etc...

Reccomendations on which type to get? What size?

We have a Kindle Fire...but I don't know it provides us as many options.

Looking for some opinions.

Jul. 4th, '13, 8:37 am
iPad mini is a great size but a new one should be coming out soon with a better display so might as well wait for that but the iPad is a great size at 9.7 inches. Maybe if you can buy a Mini and a regular iPad and see which one you prefer.

Jul. 4th, '13, 8:43 am
Although the mini is neat IMO you're best to stick with the regular size (non mini). You'll appreciate the extra screen space especialy for games etc. If you're talking size as in gigs then I'd go atleast 32. If I had a 32 gig I would have ran out of space like on my phone. 3000+ songs will make a dent for sure

Jul. 4th, '13, 10:31 am
I'm with Penguin. I have the latest gen 32 gb. Get at least the 32. You will run out if space quickly. Everything including apps and movies have larger file sizes than the iPhone apps.

Phoenix 2.0
Jul. 4th, '13, 6:03 pm
Wait for a bit, at least until the mini has retina display.

My son has the first gen iPad and my wife has the second gen and I really wanted a mini but all the reviews say the display is holding it back.

You really can't go wrong with current gen iPad but if you are looking at the mini just wait a bit ;)

Jul. 5th, '13, 7:24 am
I bought the kindle HD for the kids and will buy the IPAD for us. Its a cheaper option plus my daughter is pretty hard on it and now my 18 month old loves her mickey mouse!! just a suggestion.

Jul. 5th, '13, 2:34 pm
if its for the kids, take my advice. Buy the griffin military cases to protect them. I have both my reg and mini in these cases and they do a great job protecting from drops, food and drink spills, etc.

Jul. 5th, '13, 2:36 pm
my son dropped our first ipad without the case and the screen cracked into a million pieces.

Jul. 5th, '13, 5:17 pm
LOVE MY IPAD>.. I also have the current gen 32gb.. and so does my wife.. We used laptops before this and they have basically taken over..

Jul. 8th, '13, 7:21 am
Does Kindle Fire have Google Play store or is it just the Amazon store? I've found very few apps that weren't both on the App Store and Google Play. Amazon App store is a different story, it sucks. LOL Always seems to be 2-3 versions behind Google Play, if it even has the app period.

Wife has a 1st Gen Ipad and love it. I have a Nexus 7 and love it.