View Full Version : Live Motion for PC and MAC

Dec. 14th, '12, 12:14 pm
I pre-ordered mine a while ago. Check the video out. Pretty impressive.


Dec. 14th, '12, 12:38 pm
Those look cool but your arm gets tired using it after awhile. So if you spend any amount of time on the computer, you can't use it as your primary control device.

It would still be nice tool to have when using photoshop or certain programs like a stylus.

Dec. 14th, '12, 12:44 pm
That is pretty cool

Dec. 14th, '12, 12:49 pm
That is a very cool concept, the stuff we see in Sci-Fi movies these days! Let us know how you like it once you have it and have been using it. I agree with Pixel in that is seems like it would get tiresome for longer sessions (e.g. at work), but I think it would be incredibly cool to use at a terminal where you'd do quick searches. Neat idea especially for public places, where you could now potentially interact with the terminal without ever having to touch it (and thus not spread any germs). Another neat use would be in a research laboratory, where scientists wear gloves and could now potentially access their computers much more easily in the lab.

Dec. 14th, '12, 1:25 pm
I was thinking it would be cool for Windows 8. I hate using a mouse but with a touch screen it works great. This is even better.

Dec. 14th, '12, 4:24 pm
I agree about the arm thing. Though I have to admit that the price is much lower than I was expecting. That's in a price range where it's worth having as an occasional tool.