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Aug. 30th, '12, 2:41 am
...or reviews. Android, iOS, etc.

I just bought a tablet (old and refurbished) and was looking through some of the apps. I know in some other threads we've had people recommending certain apps for tablets, phones, etc. So I figured maybe a dedicated thread would be cool.

My tablet didn't come with a manual so I was just learning it on the fly. So I downloaded a few apps. Mostly what I'll get are free apps. Anyway....here's my first list.

I'm not going to research if it's iOS or Android only. My stuff will be Android ;)

Songify - From the people who do Songify the News. Basically you press a button to record, speak into the device, then stop the recording. It almost immediately creates an auto-tuned song of what you just said. It's been fun so far but I don't know if it's enough to spend money on buying different songs. Works fairly well. I've had a few problems with it missing words but I think it's just the way I'm talking. I think it's worth checking out even if you delete it soon after (it's free, extra songs cost).

Autorap - Very similar to Songify (made by the same people) but it does some raps with your spoken text. Surprisingly, I've laughed more with this one but I can basically say the same as I did with Songify. I do think this one does a bit better of mixing up what you said. (it's free, extra songs cost)

Magic Piano - Same people as above ;) This "game" is kind of cool and kind of hard. Maybe because I'm getting used to using a tablet, I don't know. But it's kind of a guitar hero-ish type of game where you have to hit dots as they scroll down the screen. Multiple fingers play chords. Probably more of a time-killer than anything but I found it to be fun. Worth paying for new songs? Not yet. You can also play free style. (it's free, extra songs cost)

NHL 3D Live Wallpaper - I have not downloaded this one yet but most likely will. It looks awesome. You get the "playoff edition" for free and it's 1.99 to download your favorite team. See video below. *EDIT* There is also an NFL 3d version

Hands-on with the 'Songify' app - YouTube

Auto Rap! - YouTube

Magic Piano:
Magic Piano for iPad - YouTube

NHL 3D Live Wallpaper:
NHL 3D Live Wallpaper (Update: 3D Spinning Puck) - YouTube

NFL 3D Live Wallpaper - YouTube

Aug. 30th, '12, 4:21 pm
Songnify is hilarious, downloaded it, and the kids love it

Sep. 7th, '12, 1:14 am
A few more that might be fun with kids. Probably not long lasting fun but worth the free download.

All three are by Pivi and Co.

AgingBooth - Makes you old
https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.piviandco.agingbooth&feature=search_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwxLDEsImNvbS5wa XZpYW5kY28uYWdpbmdib290aCJd

BaldBooth - Makes you Bald
https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.piviandco.baldbooth&feature=more_from_developer#?t=W251bGwsMSwxLDEwMiw iY29tLnBpdmlhbmRjby5iYWxkYm9vdGgiXQ..

MixBooth - Mixes two photos. Basically puts a face onto another head.
https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.piviandco.mixbooth&feature=more_from_developer#?t=W251bGwsMSwxLDEwMiw iY29tLnBpdmlhbmRjby5taXhib290aCJd

There's also a FatBooth but I felt that was fairly redundant :noway:

Sep. 7th, '12, 3:15 am
Nice. I bought the NYR and Niners wallpaper.

Dec. 14th, '12, 9:41 pm
Oldie but goodie?

Google Sky Map:


This one is kind of cool especially since the niece and nephew are getting into astronomy. The first night I used the map with my niece she was practically screaming that she saw Jupiter. She's been talking about it ever since.

Personally, I wish there was a "transparency" mode so to speak. While the app is awesome, I wish you could have the app's map as an overlay while your using your camera lense. So you'd see both the overlay AND the actual sky. Either way, it's really accurate and enough that even without a telescope or whatever, you can find these objects.

Sky Map - Astronomy App for Android - YouTube

Dec. 14th, '12, 11:43 pm
Thats pretty sick...these phones will be wiping our asses in a few yrs :chuckle:

Dec. 15th, '12, 4:52 am
Just got a Nexus 7 last week. Mainly bought it for reading ebooks and magazines. Here's two of the best alps I've found for that.

For Android:
Manzano Reader: Free, $2.99, & $6.99. – about best magazine I've found for rooms and pdf magazines.

Zinio: good place to buy digital magazines. Works well known both iOS and Android.

Dec. 15th, '12, 5:06 am
My favorite/most used app is called Whatsapp. VERY good way for me to stay in contact with all my family back home. I also have a chat room with my fellow NCOs at work so we can always stay on the same page with stuff. It is much better than SMS texting where you have a limited amount each month.

Dec. 29th, '12, 3:33 am
I don't think I have to mention Draw Something or Words with Friends. I will mention that those are cross-platform though so that's been a blast this weekend.

Also, I took this screenshot from the Songza app a short while ago. The options I had sort of made me laugh (if the category didn't make me laugh, the image for it did):


Apr. 30th, '13, 2:33 pm
They've updated the NHL Live Wallpaper and it's kind of cool.

The animated ticker has updated info which is neat. Today, the Blues version had a link to today's press conference by some players and Hitchcock.

The shooting the puck thing is kind of lame, but overall the thing is cool looking in my opinion. My version doesn't have the scoreboard and I've searched all of the settings (*EDIT* It's a widget :doh:). I'll look again though. The android version is supposed to have Gmail alerts (when you get new mail). I have not seen it work yet.

It's $3.49 to unlock your team bundle. $6+ to unlock all teams.


NHL 2013 Live Wallpaper - YouTube

This official NHL 2013 Live Wallpaper app for your Android device lets you tap and shoot a hockey puck directly from your home screen! Double-tap the large spinning puck that displays by default and the puck changes views. When the puck is flat on the ice, simply tap once to shoot and watch it slam into the net... GOAL!

Equipped with updated official logos and animated fans in team colors, you'll be sure to let everyone looking at your device from over your shoulder know who you're rooting for.

New for this season is an animated ticker in the arena that displays up-to-date news and Twitter feeds on the NHL and your team of choice, as well as a clock widget "jumbotron" that displays real-time scores, game schedules and weather!

In addition, there are new premium text alerts and email notifications.

You can also purchase official NHL team ringtones in-app!

Now more than ever, this dazzling collection of live wallpapers allows you to stay connected to your NHL team of choice; whether you're at home on the couch or on the ice shooting slap shots!

*Free to download and comes with one free NHL themed live wallpaper.
*Clock widget and ticker that displays up-to-date news, weather, team scores, and Twitter feeds.
*Choose how to interact with the hockey puck via 2 different options.
*The ability to "shoot the hockey puck" right on your home screen (with sounds).
*Animated fans in team colors.
*SMS and Email notification.
*Day and Night detection indicated via the brightness of the arena's lighting.
*Made with official release software to ensure quality and performance.
*Officially licensed release from the NHL.
*All 30 teams have a live wallpaper available for in-app purchase.

Feb. 24th, '14, 2:38 am
Not much detail here but my niece and nephews turned me on to Plants vs. Zombies 2.

I had heard of the PvZ games but never looked into them. After watching them play it I went home and downloaded it myself...and was hooked. I played it for way too long a couple of nights because I just couldn't stop. If you don't know, it's sort of like a tower defense game which I always enjoy.

I think it's free on both Android and ios. I haven't been able to play for a while because the fourth world is still locked :( There are 3 worlds with 24-25 levels each.

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ea.game.pvz2_na&hl=en

ios: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/plants-vs.-zombies-2/id597986893?mt=8

Note, I quickly glanced at some reviews and the negatives were "having to pay" for plants/power-ups. I didn't have to pay one penny and like I said, I've beaten it. I'm not bragging because I'm sure many of you could beat it quicker than I did. I'm just saying you don't have to spend money. And once you start getting the better plants, it gets fairly easy.

Side note: I might make a post about it later but there is a Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare coming to XBox and XBox One. It's a co-op shooter that looks different but might be a great, less violent way of introducing the kiddos to a shooter game experience. *EDIT* I'll probably post about it.

Feb. 24th, '14, 2:43 pm
Yeah, my kids are asking me about getting it for XB1.

Feb. 24th, '14, 3:42 pm
Side note: I might make a post about it later but there is a Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare coming to XBox and XBox One. It's a co-op shooter that looks different but might be a great, less violent way of introducing the kiddos to a shooter game experience. *EDIT* I'll probably post about it.

I'm definitely looking to give that game a shot. It looks like a lot of fun as a Tower Defense/Horde game from what I read so far. Something about PvZ is so simple yet so addicting and could keep me entertained for hours at times.

Feb. 24th, '14, 3:45 pm
Yeah, I loved the app like I said. The XBox game is very different than the app version but looks interesting. I don't think it's as much about defense as it is a shooter.

I've said a million times that I love strategy games but I'm not good at them at all. PvZ 2 (tablet) was fun for me because it was hard enough that it was challenging but not so hard I coudn't beat it eventually.