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Jul. 2nd, '12, 3:04 pm
Um, yeah. Thinking about getting this phone app that isn't your normal fitness app, run some, keep your stats etc. You physically run from imaginary zombies. It tracks you on your GPS and puts zombies hoards in your way. I have a friend who loves this app. Don't know if I want to drop $8 on a phone app though. Interesting that there's a whole story and game to go with your running.

ZOMBIES, RUN! A running game & audio adventure - YouTube

Jul. 2nd, '12, 3:06 pm
They need an Ex-GF one. Yikes.

Jul. 2nd, '12, 3:10 pm
Interesting concept, curious to see how well its executed. I imagine that without some variety that I might get very tired of the having the same person always telling me to run for my life. :rofl:

My employer may be switching me from a Blackberry to an iPhone soon, so I may check this out if it goes on sale.

Jul. 2nd, '12, 3:14 pm
Zomies! Run! iPhone App Review - YouTube


Jul. 2nd, '12, 3:21 pm
Zombie Run: Trying to Survive - YouTube

It's kind of funny watching out of shape teenagers try to run. You can jump ahead to 4min if you want to see them actually run. It's not that funny but one of the kids acknowledges he's "too fat for zombies".

Jul. 2nd, '12, 3:35 pm
I downloaded it but it never seems to work right for me. Either it lags a lot, or the GPS doesn't find me.

Jul. 2nd, '12, 3:39 pm
That is really clever. I might be tempted to try it.

Jul. 2nd, '12, 3:43 pm
I downloaded it but it never seems to work right for me. Either it lags a lot, or the GPS doesn't find me.

Yeah, probably depends on the speed of your phone and the reliability of your GPS for sure.

Jul. 2nd, '12, 3:45 pm
Actually, I just checked on my phone, and it appears to be a completely different game with the same premise of running away from zombies using the GPS on your phone.

Jul. 2nd, '12, 5:29 pm
This is awesome... LOL..

Jul. 2nd, '12, 6:32 pm
I just got it for my Touch....I'll try it out tomorrow night when I go on my first run ;)

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Jul. 2nd, '12, 6:36 pm
They need an Ex-GF one. Yikes.

This is epic winning.