View Full Version : XBS NHL 2K9 League?

Sep. 7th, '08, 9:21 am
could we spark enough interest for a league?

Sep. 7th, '08, 2:36 pm
hey blair, i am sure if there is enough interest that one would be started. Yet i am not to sure how much interest there is currently for nhl 2k9. I'd be interested of course, yet I am not sure how many numbers here currently there is.

Sep. 7th, '08, 9:17 pm
I'd be down.

Phoenix 2.0
Sep. 7th, '08, 10:01 pm
Click (http://www.ebaumsworld.com/flash/play/764/)

Sep. 8th, '08, 12:29 am
Im down for this league aswell

Sep. 13th, '08, 11:30 pm
you guys can count me in if the league becomes official.

Havent played a hockey game in 5+ years but i like the default controls on 2k more then ea hockey. Dont feel right using the thumb sticks with both games.

Sep. 14th, '08, 7:44 am
i came to that conclusion last night as well, using the thumb sticks on both games dont feel right. for 2k their game IMO feels better with classic controls and eas is better with thumb stick..

with that said, how about this.. there is no modifier button this year, so on classic and hybrid controls if you use the face buttons to shoot, you tap the X button for wrister and hold that same button down for a slap shot.. ghey!! that annoyed the heck out of me last night for some reason and i shut the game off and went to bed lol.

Sep. 21st, '08, 10:50 pm
Do we need a full 30 team league to get it going? Or can we have smaller # of teams?

Sep. 22nd, '08, 1:44 am
The fact that the EA version of NHL 09 has such overwhelming support doesn't help the 2k league. If there weren't any other hockey league on the site then a smaller league might be warranted but starting a league up with only 10 or so members just doesn't make sense when the other league has 50+ signing up for it. Sorry.

So far there are only 5 members and honestly that isn't even close to enough.