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Phoenix 2.0
Dec. 16th, '10, 7:47 pm
Microsoft are you listening?


The first version (1.0) will be available in the following countries: UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and The Netherlands.
We are already working on the next version that will support most SCEE countries and languages, and will also let you comment on PlayStation.Blog.

We will have to wait a bit to see it in North America of course, but why can't Microsoft release something for LIVE?

Synyster Diablo
Dec. 16th, '10, 7:57 pm
Microsoft release something for an Apple product? Is this PS app going to be available on the Windows phones? They already have something like that for XBL on the Windows phones...

Phoenix 2.0
Dec. 16th, '10, 8:04 pm
not sure but it is available for Android as well.

not sure what you mean about Microsoft releasing something for an Apple Product though...




Software company Novell recently had to reorganize after an acquisition by Attachmate, and as a result, a number of patents held by the company went up the air for grabs. Apple has decided to team with Microsoft, and picked up the patents along with a few other partners for $450 million.

oh and btw, you can run Windows on a Mac ;)

Microsoft has already given the green light for LIVE aware apps, they just haven't made one.


There is one issue: it's $1.99. Technically, that's not bad -- an app like this is probably worth the $2 especially if browsing your friends' games is something you do often. But the catch is that Microsoft recently stated that all apps that tag in to Xbox 360's online service must be sold for the low, low price of free. So one of two things will probably happen here -- either the app will drop down to free (in which case, you might as well save your $2), or Microsoft might end up blocking it, either on the App Store or in the actual Xbox Live connection. Hopefully, whatever happens, we'll end up with a solution

Synyster Diablo
Dec. 16th, '10, 8:08 pm
Gotcha... Just didn't know if each phone was going to have exclusive rights to these apps like Apple was going to have the PS app and Windows phones have the XBL app... The Droid is more neutral, not own by either Apple or Microsoft...

Phoenix 2.0
Dec. 16th, '10, 8:14 pm

found this app in the app store, they are still charging $1.99 for it...

looks pretty slick:


it would be my luck that I would get this app and the next week MS drops the hammer and Apple suspends the app until it is listed as free lol!!

Phoenix 2.0
Dec. 16th, '10, 8:32 pm
perhaps the best tweet:

Phoenix 2.0
Jan. 11th, '11, 8:11 pm

it's Official but not in the Canadian App Store.... boooooo